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Greg and Jeff of the Cat's Pajamas

Who are "Cat's Pajamas?"

The Cats are a unique combo: guitar, vocals, bass, with keyboard and percussion as the occasion requires. We're a classy act, but not pretentious. When you have fun, we have fun.

What kind of music do you play?

Think 40's nightclub meets modern groove. Our specialty—what sets us apart from most bands—are the great standard swing and Bossa Nova tunes of a golden age: Sinatra, Basie, Fitzgerald. You get the idea.

But we keep going. Want easy listening? Got that. A little Country? Check. Deep dance grooves, or a little Motown? Yeah, that's us.

Tell me about the band.

Jeff "Jazz Cat" Anvinson

Jeff "Jazz Cat" Anvinson: Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals. Jeff is a professional musician with over 35 years of experience. He owns and operates a music services business, JLA Music, in Grand Forks, MN.

G. S. "Nine Lives" Jeffrey

G. S. "Catnip" Jeffrey: Bass, Vocals. "Catnip" first played with Jeff in the early 80's, which accounts for the deep musical connection between the two. He transitioned from guitar to bass in the late 80's and played in big hair bands before he discovered jazz and funk.

Drums/Percussion: The band brings in guest talent suited for the occasion.

Looking Ahead: Our ambition is to give up-and-coming musicians—from sax to vocals—an opportunity to showcase their talents as guest artists.

What makes you special?

We're dead serious about fun—and music. It takes talented musicians to move from reading a swing chart to laying down a deep-grooving funk number. That kind of versatility only comes with years of performance.

We're also dedicated to a great sound. From instruments to sound gear, we're serious about our art.

Finally, for most occasions, a modest volume level means that people can dance, party—and still enjoy each other's conversation.

What kind of gigs do you play?

Our versatility lends itself to weddings and other occasions with a wide age group. Conventions, galas, dinners, receptions, Christmas and corporate parties, special occasions, concerts: Cat's Pajamas does it all!

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